umō Feather-Soft Fast-Absorbing & Leak-Proof Sanitary Pads Extra-Long (320mm) (Pack of 28 pads)

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  • Super-thin, Fast absorbing & leak-proof feather-soft Extra-Long Sanitary Pads (28 pads)
  • Exceptional Japanese Quality – Made from Japanese Sumitomo Seika Super-Absorbent-Polymer
  • Ultra-Fast liquid to gel conversion – once converted to gel form, it cannot become liquid again.
  • Dry Porous-Pro top material (Cotton Blend) – Immediately transfers all liquid inside; Keeps top layer dry
  • Anion Strip – for any bacterial protection and odour control
  • Dry-Guard Strips on both sides – doesn’t let any liquid move out from the sides; keeps edges dry
  • Multi-fluid Ready – Period flow; Bladder leaks; Discharge
  • Anti-leak channels design – spreads the liquid uniformly and converts to gel form
  • Large size central wings – with allergen free adhesive.
  • Hifu Kagaku – Japanese Skin Science – years of material innovation & research to make Dry-feel, Leak-proof’, ‘No-Rashes’, No-Infection; sanitary products
  • Up to 12 hours comfort
  • 100% Chlorine-free
  • 100% Fragrance-free
  • 100% Dye-free
  • 100% BPA-free
  • No Pesticides used in manufacturing
  • EarthFirst – All packaging made from 100% recycled paper that can be further recycled
What it does
  • Gives you a comfortable feeling.
  • Protects you from any rashes.
  • Prevents any bacterial infection.
  • Absorbs period flow, any discharge and any accidental bladder leaks.
  • Doesn’t bulge under the clothes.
Kindly Note – This product is non-returnable due to hygiene issues.

SAP – Super Absorbent Polymer

SAP made by Sumitomo Seika Company, Japan. This resin can absorb 1000 times its weight in liquid. Once converted into gel, it can take a good amount of weight and pressure but remains in gel form. This gel can absorb multiple types of fluids – period flow; any sudden bladder leaks or any other type of discharge.

Porous-Pro top material

We use a specially developed material that is porous and keeps dry on the top side. It transfers all liquid inside immediately and so feels comfortable and non-sticky.

Cotton-blend top sheet

We don’t use a 100% pure cotton or waxed cotton cover (which keeps wet and mushy moist – as this is the main property of cotton – once it absorbs liquid – it become wet and stays wet). We have instead developed a special  cotton-blend material that remains dry and soft for long hours. It has the softness of cotton but remains dry. It is because of this innovative cotton-blend top sheet that our pads are known to not cause rashes or blisters (as the top material always remains dry)

What sizes are available in the product?
umō sanitary pads come in two sizes – Long (290mm; suitable for 8 hours) and Extra-Long (320mm; suitable for 12 hours). We also have a mix box of 14 Extra-Long and 14 Long pads.

Do they come with disposable envelops?
Yes, all 28 umō pads in the box, come with a paper disposable envelope with no text, for stress free disposal.

What doesn’t your design provide for the wings at the end?
Wings on the edge (at the end) are not very practical and are more of a marketing gimmick. We have interviewed thousands of female users and found that end-wings cause all day discomfort by moving out of place while sitting and walking. Time and again users have to adjust the pads.
We developed extra-large central wings for better hold in the centre.
These central wings keep the pad in place for the entire usage period.
We requested over 350 volunteers to use these pads for over 1 year (12 menstrual periods) each and found no issues whatsoever.

How long can a single pad be used?
It depends on your flow and usage activity. But generally Long size is comfortable to use unto 8 hours or so, and the Extra-Long for around 12 hours or so.

What are dry-guard strips?
These are liquid-proof and liquid-repellent strips on both sides of the pad. They are useful in keeping the fluid within the pad, and prevent leaks to the garments.

Can the pad absorb accidental bladder leaks?
Yes, the pad can efficiently handle bladder leaks also.

Are the pads thin or thick?
The pads are ultra-thin, and very comfortable. As these don’t have cotton core, they don’t look or appear bulgy under the clothes.

Why haven’t you used 100% cotton in the core?
Most cheaper pads use cotton or cotton mix or bamboo or similar cores. These cotton/bamboo cores absorb liquid between the capillaries formed in the material and just hold it there. When flow is large or even after some time, these capillaries release liquid and that spills outside the pad and causes stains on the clothes.
We have used Japanese SAP from Sumitomo Seika company. This material converts liquid into gel form and it’s not a reversible process – meaning even after pressing, gel doesn’t become liquid – and so this product eliminates issues of leakage.

Is the product bio-degradable?
The sanitary pad is made of many different materials.
On the top side is the dry covering (cotton-blend) – that is 100% recyclable and also bio-degradable
On the centre is SAP core – this can be cleaned and recycled in a factory but not at home. We should dispose off the sanitary pads responsibly (and not flush them into toilets).
On the bottom is a plastic sheet – that sheet is made of very thin plastic and is also recyclable.
The product comes in a paper envelope – that is recyclable and bio-degradable.
The box is made of recycled paper – it is recyclable and also bio-degradable.

Is the pad washable and reusable?
No the pad is neither washable nor re-usable.

Are the pads made in China?
No the pads are not made in China. None of Hada Secrets Japan’s products are made in China. These pads are now proudly produced in India using Japanese Sumitomo Seika SAP, under license from the parent company.

Where are these products made?
We are now proudly manufacturing in India under the license from Hada Secrets Japan. We are using Japanese Sumitomo Seika SAP material. All product specification is as the global product.


Chose the correct size depending on your menstrual period’s day. Use a Long Size if flow is normal, and use an extra-long size if flow is high. Stick the pad in your underwear using the sticky strip on the back. While the pad can be used for up to 12 hours, we recommend you change the pad every 4 to 6 hours (as recommended by most global gynaecologists).

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for umō Feather-Soft Fast-Absorbing & Leak-Proof Sanitary Pads Extra-Long (320mm) (Pack of 28 pads)
  1. Chhaya Bedi

    No wet feel. Very dry experience

  2. Binita Reddy

    Very exceptional cotton, dry feel

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