Tokyo Pōchi Curved Top Vanity Pouch (Medium)

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Tokyo Pōchi Curved Top Vanity Pouch (Medium) by Hada Secrets Japan

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  • High quality Medium Size Vanity bag
  • Exceptional Japanese Quality – Made from Japanese synthetic leather and Japanese YKK brand metal zip.
  • An ideal case – to organise, store or carry your make-up, make-up brushes, cosmetics, skin care products, grooming accessories or toiletries. Size – 23 X 15 X 12 cms.
  • Durable Material – Made with peach colour Japanese synthetic lab created grained leather (this is not an animal skin product)
  • Highly smooth, thick, durable and long lasting material – Wipe to clean.
  • Strong and waterproof inside material.
  • Hi-shine Japanese YKK brand metal zip and puller.
  • Inside pocket – for keeping cash or cards.
  • 1 year warranty on any manufacturing related defects.
  • No animals harmed – this pouch is a synthetic faux-leather product.
  • Made with strong and long-lasting material.
  • Japanese YKK brand metal zips for long life.
What it does
  • Can be used to carry cosmetics, toiletries and other skincare products.
  • You can also use the bag to carry jewellery and other travel stuff.

Faux Leather

Artificial lab created material, made in Japan. Looks like real leather, and has a long life.

Water Proof Inside Lining

We use a specially developed material that is waterproof and very strong. It enhances the life of the pouch.

Metal Zip

Japan made YKK brand thick and durable metal zip for long life.

What can the product be used for?
This Tokyo Pōchi is an ideal product to keep your skin care products, cosmetics, valuables like jewellery, etc. It’s an ideal travel companion and can easily and safely carry your skin care products and cosmetics.

What is the product made of?
The product is a lab created synthetic leather finish polyurethane (a thermoplastic polymer). It is an ideal replacement for real leather. Hada Secrets Japan, is an animal friendly brand, and has never used any animal skin in its products.

Is it made from animal skin?
No, this is artificial leather and made in a lab. No animal skin used, not even as a constituent in raw material or any process. This is a 100% vegan product. The product is designed to look like real leather.

What is the zip material?
Zip material is high-chrome finish metallic stainless steel, Made in Japan by YKK brand.

What is the inner lining material?
The inner lining is special synthetic water-proof synthetic material.

What is the warranty on the product?
1 Year, against any manufacturing defects.

Where is the product made?
The product is proudly made in India under license from the parent company.

Stuff all you need to and use it to store or conveniently carry in your travel case.

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Tokyo Pōchi Curved Top Vanity Pouch (Medium)
  1. Rabhya Grover

    Lovely stitch and I adore the simple shape. Minimalistic and aesthetic. This is perfect for my skin care products. I carry it to all my vacays.

  2. Aditi Zina

    It’s great to see brands making vegan products. Gorgeous color and hard-wearing material.

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